INTERPHARM Slovakia, a.s. (PLC) Bratislava was established in 2000 by separating from Interpharm s.r.o. (LTD), established in 1992. The main areas of business areas are prescription drugs, medical supplies, small medical devices, pharmaceutical substances and OTC products and the company operates country-wide.

The main office is in Bratislava (capital of Slovakia) with branches in Banská Bystrica, Lučenec, Humenné, Ružomberok, and Svit. The company uses its own employees and vehicles for deliveries.

INTERPHARM Slovakia, a.s. (PLC) has been focused initially on supplying pharmacies with selected products – OTC products, vitamins, herbals, medical cosmetics and currently extending the customers range to hospitals, doctor's offices, cosmetic saloons and retail stores and retail chains.

The company has moved to new premises in 2002 and started operating in new fashion having one central storehouse and several remote sub-storehouses. Besides this significant change, the company started extending its activities out of health segment and started supplying global retail chains, local retail chains, electric appliances stores, drugstores, dental professionals, hospitals and cosmetic saloons.

The company has been continuously increasing service quality towards its customers (mainly but not only pharmacies) and was awarded with ISO 9001:2000 certificate. The certificate gives the company an advantage in the future and positive job satisfaction for its employees.

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